Interfaith visit

Interfaith visit at NHS Louisa Jordan

David McArthur, Chief Nurse Operations at the NHS Louisa Jordan, shared a special thank you to everyone involved

"Grateful thanks to our friends Shabir Beg and Ameed Versace from the Scottish Ahlul Bayt Society; Dr Sabir Zazai of the Scottish Refugee Council and the Reverend Neil Galbraith, CEO Glasgow the Caring City and Police Scotland Chaplain, for showing their support during the interfaith visit to the NHS Louisa Jordan Hospital on Monday 25 May.

"The home team hosting the visit included Colin McDowell, David McArthur, Iain Stirling and Linda Dunbar.  The undoubted benefit of the visit was in the promotion of understanding by faith leaders of the unique environment of the NHS Louisa Jordan Hospital and the challenges of supporting the faith needs of our patients and staff.  This is a crucial element of our approach to patient centred care and staff welfare.

"The visit concluded with a joint offering of prayer led by Shabir, Sabir and Ian. Thank you to all who attended and made the visit possible, it is always a great pleasure to make new friends and renew old ones."